Carmelita Gardens in Santa Familia, Cayo, Belize

Carmelita Gardens is a new development and will be a combination of residential lots, commercial lots, a river club and lots of space for gardens. The retirement community is centrally located in the Cayo District on the Belize river, with the twin towns San Ignacio and Santa Elena and the Spanish Lookout community in the neighborhood.

Location: Santa Familia, Cayo District, Belize, Central America 
The design of the community is spacious with a lot of room for green spaces between the lots. These green spaces are planned to be filled with a variety of plants and landscapes such as fruit trees, vegetables, nut trees, butterfly gardens, flower beds and palm gardens. 
The first phase of this development does consists of 83 lots of which 41 lots are at the riverside. The lots are of five different sizes, starting at 0.11 acre to 0.5 acre. At the moment less than 50% of these lots are sold and only 7 homes have been build.  
The developers planned for Carmelita Gardens a New Ruralist village, which gives the owners and their guests the possibility to enjoy a relaxing, fulfilling and healthy lifestyle in a sustainable community. New Ruralism is the symbiotic relationship between urban and rural areas or the sustainable agriculture and the new urbanism. Sustainable agriculture is meant to bring communities down to earth, to a deeper commitment to the ecology and economy of the surrounding countryside on which they depend. The homes at Carmelita Gardens energy independent by generating their own electricity from the sun. The harvest of the public and private organic gardens should be enough to take care of the food security.

The lifestyle at Carmelita Gardens includes river, rainforest, rural and recreational activities. The river gives the possibility for canoeing, fishing and swimming. Carmelita Gardens is next to the rainforest and so hiking, bird watching and wildlife photography are possible. The rural pastoral landscape at Carmelita Gardens is excellent for gardening, walking and horseback riding. Recreational activities at Carmelita Gardens will include the planned community center, the multiple parks/ gardens and the greenways. 
The expat community is next to the Carmelita farm, which is owned by the same family for three generations. This family is now building this community, but also still using the land for growing crops, grazing cattle and corralling horses. At the west of Carmelita Gardens is the village of Santa Familia and at the east is the Spanish Lookout community. South of the retirement community at the other side of the river are the twin towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena. Least, but not last, the north side of the community is bordering an organic teak plantation and tropical rainforest. 
Part of this development is a riverfront resort, which is consisting of 22 cottages, suites and studios. The cottages, suites and studios are in the direct neighborhood of the community pool, a small cafe, a restaurant including lounge and a gift shop. The construction of this resort is started, while some of the units have been sold as turn-key properties. The resort gives the possibility to the owners to enjoy a rental income of their home in Belize. The homes in this resort are starting at a price of BZD 130,000 (USD 65,000). 
Carmelita Gardens is founded by Phil Hahn. He is an American residential designer, who 115 acres purchased in Belize in 2003 for the development of a New Urbanism retirement community Orchid Bay. His new project is Carmelita Gardens, which he is now developing in collaboration with some of his family members and a friend, Tim Parr, as operations manager. 
If you want more information please visit the webpage about the retirement community Carmelita Gardens.