Caracol, a Historical Side of Belize

Caracol Belize

The area is extremely rich in the natural bionetwork and the core area is a major tourist attraction. It has three plazas, ball courts and a surrounding acropolis. Discovered way back in 1938, Caracol Belize soon became a visual extravagance with a wide range of exotic birds and trees. There are various other structures that are spread all across the site of this mayan ruins.

The Major Structures and Attractions of Caracol Belize

The splendors of the Cana temple pyramid are a sight to behold and it remains the tallest structure of Caracol in the Cayo District of Belize with a height of 140 feet. More than 200 burials found here reveal a different picture of the place. The largest of the Mayan site, it has many hieroglyphics writings and other structures that reveal the rich heritage of the place. Grandeur and importance is what is reflected in this Classic Mayan site. The El Caracol, as it is locally known, is positioned only 25 miles from San Ignacio.

Other major attractions of El Caracol Belize

There are many magnificent picnic spots where you can pack your lunch and enjoy it amidst of the ancient ruins. The best time to visit the area remains the months June to December. Besides the main temple pyramid, you will also find three other smaller ones that have intricate architecture. The ball rooms have an amazing display of ancient writings. Do not forget to take a look at the three main plazas and the Visitors Center in Caracol Belize. The collection of the Mayan Artifacts is simply incredible with the major one remaining the ceremonial altar. 

Surrounding Attractions of Belize Caracol

Though a major part of Caracol remain unexcavated, it is has still become a major tourist spot. Lying in the Chiquibul Forest Reserve, it remains a great attraction for the nature lovers. With the gargantuan Ceiba trees and exotic variety of avian life, you will surely connect yourself with nature. You can also include some side trips to the major places like Rio on Pools, the Caves of Rio Frio and splendid waterfalls.