Burrell Boom, the boom to block the river for mahogany logs

The village of Burrell Boom is located in the Belize District of Belize on a bank of the Belize River, 19 miles north of Belize City and 3 miles west of the Northern Highway.

Burrell Boom was founded in the 18th century by loggers cutting mahogany. They used an iron chain (or "boom") to block the river to trap the mahogany logs that were sent down from further upriver. The original chain is still present in Burrell Boom Park in the village center of Burrell Boom accompanied by a sign. The name of the village reverts back to these foundations of this village. 
The village is situated in a beautiful natural setting, which is perfect for canoeing, birding and the spotting of crocodiles. A large bunch of fruit trees are available in the village and the fruit is used to distill fruit wines as sweet berry wine and cashew wine. In the neigborhood of Burrell Boom is the Community Baboon Sanctuary.

The annual canoe race, La Ruta Maya, passes through this village and actually the village is the stop over at the third night. The contestants of the canoe race spend their night at the Old River Tavern. 
In Burrell Boom is the Black Orchid Resort located.