Birding Belize

Birding in Belize is popular among all the bird enthusiasts in the world. The diversity of habitats in this Central American country makes it home for more than 570 exciting bird species. You can see several rare and endangered species including Jabiru Stork, Orange-breasted Falcon, Scarlet Macaw, Crested Eagle, Harpy Eagle, Solitary Eagle, Chestnut-bellied Heron and Ocellated Turkey in the swamps and rainforests of Belize.

The Belize landscape is very attractive with stunning tropical blend of palm trees, bougainvillea, frangipani and mind-boggling blue water. The rich forests, tall trees and swamps make suitable habitats for various bird species. Belize is very famous for its rich bird life due to its fine blend of habitats and varied avifauna. Birding in Belize is increasingly popular among tourists. If you are a bird lover, then plan a good vacation in this incredible place for some outstanding Belize birding experience.

Best Birding Spots in Belize

Some of the best birding spots in Belize are: 
  • Chan Chich: It is one of the best places where you can see rare and endangered species like ocellated turkey. Montezuma orapendula is another unique bird species that usually weave big hanging nests on tall ceiba trees. You can see these raucous birds hanging upside down on tree branches of Ceiba mainly during mating. There are several other lovely birds that also can be seen including groups of red-lored parrots, pretty slaty-tailed trogon, purple-crowned fairy and tiny beautiful humming bird.
  • Chaa Creek: Bird enthusiasts must visit this place in Belize for watching some rare species such as wood rails, red-capped manikins, blue-crowned motmots, keel-billed toucans and red-throated anttanagers. The pauraque is a common bird to see during night walks which remain motionless due to its invisibility at night. Belize Birding is popular and you can see many other birds also in Chaa Creek including collared aracaris, groups of olive-throated parakeets, little hermits, rufous-tailed hummingbirds and yellow-lored parrots.
  • Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary: Dead logwood trees are often decked out with orchids in this swampy region which make it a good habitat for many exciting and rare bird species. Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary is famous for birding in Belize where you can see several species of heron, kingfisher, egrets and occasional species like white ibis and roseate spoonbill. You can notice Northern jacanas rushing along lovely lily pads while pretty snail kites are often overhead. Crooked Tree is amongst the few places where finding chances of seeing unique large jabiru stork. You can also see social flycatcher, Mangrove swallow and vermilion flycatcher in this part of Belize.