Belize Zoo Wildlife

Remember the days in your childhood, when you would simply wait for your parents to take you to the local zoo for watching those monkeys, tigers and elephants? Wild life and Zoos always hold a fascination for every one of us. And if you are in Belize for vacations, then one place you surely must not miss is Belize Zoo. Although comparatively smaller, this Zoo in Belize offers some spectacular collection of wild life species, especially from the tropical forests.

Also known as the backyard zoo, this Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center (as it is officially called) began in 1983 with the aim to provide shelter for a group of wild species who were used for making documentaries on tropical forests. As of today, this Zoo in Belize encompasses a land of 29 acres showcasing 125 myriad types of wildlife found especially in the tropical Savanna. The Zoo of Belize offers shelter to the wild animals sent for rehabilitation or even as gifts from various Zoological institutions.

Remarkable aspects of Belize Zoo

In the Belize Zoo you can find the wild animals living in their own natural habitats as almost all the species exhibited are native of Belize. If feeding animals is one of your ways of loving animals, then you can surely exhibit your love by paying extra at the start. There’s a donor wall on which you can put your name. The staff around the Zoo of Belize is extremely knowledgeable and is over eager to satisfy your inquisitive queries. The place is mostly kept as it is and not much modern touch is reflected in the entire ambience. 
A huge tree blown down by hurricane is kept lying across the road and steps are build on it which reach a platform from where you can take in the magnificence of Belize Zoo. A living green tunnel on one side of the path gives you the joy of being in the embrace of nature. The monkeys and the lions can be very easily viewed as the enclosures are not as big as you see in any Zoos in America. Some of the animals which you can find roaming here include jaguars, fox, coatimundi, crocodiles, boar, and many others. 

Plan an outing at the Belize Zoo

If you are a zoo fan, then this place surely introduces you to some of the rare native wild life species. Apart from that you can also arrange an educational tour for children. The Belize Zoo itself organizes various events every year like science fair, teachers and students training, Tapir festivals and many more.