Belize Wedding

Forget about weddings in Ibiza, or weddings in Mallorca. You have just found the best spot on earth: weddings in Belize are just like dream weddings taking place in a paradise. There can be nothing as beautiful as having a wedding on one of the beautiful beaches of Belize.

Perform Weddings Belize

Many people from across the globe look forward for Belize weddings. The diversity as well as wonders that this country has in store for the tourists especially the ones who wish to tie their nuptial knot amid the beauty of the county is unparalleled. There is simply a plethora of ways to get into a matrimonial alliance and several exotic romantic locations to tie the knot. 
When you are considering exclusive weddings such as catamaran weddings in Hawaii, or romantic horse riding weddings or Bermuda cruise weddings: consider a Belize wedding as an alternative.

Getting married in Belize

On your wedding in Belize, you won’t only cherish and treasure the special vows you made to your partner but also the range of charming, carefree and serene tropical haven that is simply irresistible. 
You can go for a cruise wedding or a beach wedding as per your preference and availability. With no need of residency, Belize makes the best country to halt and have a tropical wedding at the cruise. You can choose to have an elaborate wedding at historical colonial residency or at Harbour view deck where the backdrop of city of Belize glorifies the shoreline. There are many packages offered if you wish to have your wedding in the country. There are many specialized wedding planners who can be appointed to take care of the ceremonies and a marriage officer can also be appointed for the certification, etc. 

Where to perform weddings in Belize

You can choose from a wide range of options as far as weddings in Belize are concerned. Garden weddings, private island weddings, weddings on the beach, church weddings (your Belize wedding planner will have some unbelievable church decoration ideas), historical colonial site weddings, catamaran weddings, and inland jungle location weddings can be forged ahead with. These locations ensure a lot of fun and excitement in the wedding. 

Who performs weddings in Belize

There are a number of specialized wedding planners focusing on the Belize market, some even focus on expats only. All the aspects related to marriage such as decoration, lighting, music, candles, and so on are taken care of. What is better than having a wedding in the country and then immediately whisking to the nearest cruise or island for a private honeymoon? You can carefully choose the breathtaking location that can offer a memorable experience of a lifetime. 

Belize Wedding Photography

To capture every moment, get a skilled local Belize Wedding photographer who is familiar with the locations (check out his portfolio and ask for references) and who can guide you to the most beautiful and tranquil spots. What better way to capture the moment forever, than with the background of one of the world’s last remaining unspoiled paradises? 

Put televised royal weddings to shame!

Belize weddings are spectacular and if you are getting a privilege of having one then don’t miss the opportunity and go for the one! You will put all royal weddings to shame! You surely would love to say ‘I do’ in such a surreal destination. 
And, during your Belize wedding, you won’t be able to explore much so you could stay in the country for your honeymoon too.