Belize Waterfalls

If you are looking to get away from your humdrum routine and enjoy the sightseeing over a halcyon area, then the waterfalls in Belize are to die for. The area doesn’t ends up its pristine beauty by a single waterfall, but you have many more to hang out. Imagine a splash of fascinating waterfall descending from a height of about 1000 ft over some sparkling floor. It’s mesmerizing for the eyes to watch. There are five of them to adore named Butterfly Falls, Big Rock Falls, Five Sister Falls, Hidden Valley Falls and the Rio Blanco Falls.

The vivacious presence of these waterfalls in Belize makes the area worth for spending a respite. Especially, when a person is seeking for some calm locality along with a consummate area, the waterfalls at Belize must be ranked first in the list of vacations

Butterfly Falls

The ambiance of the Butterfly Falls is only bounded to the guests and customers of Hidden Valley Inn, which have made its way out to the tropical forests. The Butterfly Falls fall into the dense forest and dazzle the visitors by their scenic beauty. 

Big Rock Falls

Cascading from a mountain cliff area, the Big Rock Falls return an echo when their plummeting sound hit the hard rocks. One can swim, or appease oneself with mountain biking nearby that area after a set of special instructions from his guide.

Five Sister Falls

You can have nice romantic moments at the Five Sisters Fall where five adjoining waterfalls oppress their benign presence. You can enchant along with your partner and enjoy some serene moments of passionate swimming.  

Hidden Valley Falls

The loftiest of all are the Hidden Valley Falls, descending down from a height of around 1600 feet into the green and impenetrable forest areas. These are also known by the name Thousand Foot Falls due to their steep height. The visitors are charged for their stay at reserves to treat their eyes with these waterfalls in Belize. 

Rio Blanco Falls

Last but not the least, the Rio Blanco Falls not only gratify you with their exquisite presence, but also make the environment blithe with the presence of the bird life in that area. They are the largest among all and the visitors can spend their entire time enjoying the balmy atmosphere.