Belize Vacation Home Rentals

Belize has a lot to offer with regard to vacation accommodation ranging from backpackers places, like hostels or cheap hotels, to expensive hotels and resorts. Another option, you probably didn't think about, is the rental of a vacation home.

A vacation home is not for everybody, but it has some pros and cons. Depending on your expectations renting a vacation home will be an excellent choice or a really bad decision. Pros for a vacation home could be that you are completely free in your choice where to eat or what to cook, but it also means that you have to do some shopping. Also most vacation homes would not offer any excursions, so you have to see for yourself what to do. Most bigger places in Belize have agents who offer excursions, so you can book an excursion with them if needed. Most of the time a vacation home will give you more room, but with less service with regards to foods, drinks and excursions.  
Keep also in mind that some vacation homes will be in a bigger place, but that some vacation homes also are in the "middle-of-nowhere". Again depending on your wishes this could be great or not. 

Stann Creek District

Cocoplum Resort is a well organized retirement community situated in one of the premier tourist destination in Belize. The site has a good view of the Placencia lagoon and the community consists of beachfront, sea view, lagoon and interior lagoon lots. At the moment 4 villas are available as a vacation rental. These are a 3-bedroom villa and three 2-bedroom villas. The reviews are excellent.