Toledo District in Belize

Toledo Belize is a favorite vacation spot for many travelers because of its unique culture and tradition. It is the most culturally diverse district in Belize with a population of approximately twenty-three thousand. Famous for its breathtaking natural beauty, Toledo is blessed with six striking rivers, several protected reserves and amazing wildlife.

Capital Town Punta Gorda

The capital Punta Gorda is the principal town in Belize Toledo District which is the gateway to stunning waterfalls, lovely rivers and rich rainforest. You will find several national parks, large cave systems and protected areas packed with wonderful wildlife here. Locally known as PG, most of the inhabitants in Punta Gorda are Garifuna and East Indian. Most of them speak either English or Creole dialect. 

Toledo Belize is Home to a wide range of Cultures

Besides a charming natural environment, you will just love the unique culture of the country. You can experience a very special combination of several cultural influences in this Belize Toledo District. There are a few indigenous groups in this district which include East Indian, Garifuna, Latino and Creole apart from leading concentrations of Mopan Maya and Q’eqchi in the district. There are almost thirty five Maya villages in this district where the residents offer home stays to tourists so that they can experience the everyday life of this traditional village.

Abundant Wildlife in Toledo District in Belize

Toledo District in Belize is a paradise for the adventure lovers and nature enthusiasts. It is thrilling to encounter with groups of howler monkeys or watching a tapir, jaguar or puma while you are explore the spectacular Toledo Belize with your family. The abundant bird life is another attraction in this district that includes different varieties of humming birds and unique species of macaws. You can enjoy river and offshore sport fishing that offers plenty of chances for catching Tarpon, Bonefish, Snook and Permit. 

Things to do in Toledo Belize

It is exciting to spend a few hours in a Maya village in the Toledo District in Belize and experience the authentic Maya cultural experience. You will thoroughly enjoy participating in the everyday activities in this village such as farming and cooking. You will find the real Maya experience when you taste the “Caldo” which is the delicious lunch of chicken soup prepared using home-grown corn tortillas. 
You must plan a tour to the organic cacao orchards and Chocolate Factory of Cyrila in order to learn more about chocolate when you are in the Belize Toledo District. Ancient Maya sites are the most interesting feature of this district. The beautiful limestone caves of Toledo are also worth visiting during your trip to Belize.