Belize Seasons

If you are thinking what kind of weather to expect in Belize, you will primarily come across two weathers, the hot and humid summers and the rains. Mostly Belize seasons will offer you a bright and happy warm weather with little rain mostly in the northern parts. This is one of the major reasons why Belize remains a traveler’s paradise and a year round destination to experience the best of nature in Belize.

The Major Seasons in Belize

With the climate of Belize being described as sub-tropical, it is only natural that humidity is as high as 83%. But the cool breezes from the sea, brings down the temperature. As the coastal areas experience the southeast trade winds blowing at the rate of 10-1 knots. The seasons of Belize are in general comfortable with temperatures ranging from 50° to 96° Fahrenheit. The coolest months remain those of November to January and the hottest are those from May to September. 

The Summer Season in Belize

Though hot and humid, it is never very unpleasant as the cool breeze from the sea provides respite. The nights are especially pleasant and this is the time when Belize is driest. The summers definitely remain the peak tourist season as you can explore the best of nature during this time. Summer season in Belize is dry so if you are planning for any outdoor activities during this time, make sure you carry water with you. 

The Rainy Seasons in Belize

With an annual rainfall of about 1524 mm, the rainy season in Belize, sometimes called the Belize off season, is from June to the month of November. However, the rains are more in the southern part and also vary every year. May marks the beginning of the rainy seasons in Belize and Toledo records the highest rainfall. However you will get the best discounts for vacations in the months of September to November.