Belize Retirement Communities

As you know, Belize has a number of retirement communities. We will be creating an ever growing list of Belize retirement communities on this page, please refer to the articles to get more information on the community itself.

We have created a comprehensive guide to retirement communities in Belize. When we locate more retirement communities, we will add them to this overview. You can tip us to any communities we may have missed, so that we can keep this retirement communities overview as complete and up to date as possible. We divided the retirement communities based on the district they are located in, to make to it possible for you to select on the district beforehand. 
For every piece of real estate (in or out a retirement of expat community) that you are planning on buying please keep aware that you buy that piece of real estate you're happy with for the long run. Please take also these tips in consideration: 
  • Check always personally the location of the piece of real estate. Please make sure that the piece does really exist and that the promises of the seller are correct. Some planned retirement communities have really nice websites for some years already, but still need to have a piece of land for the retirement community or haven't developed anything (road, amenities as electricity or water and so on) yet. So be sure to don't buy a lot or real estate in a scam!
  • Check if the owner is really the owner and so has the possibility to sell the lot. It is in Belize not uncommon that a lot is sold multiple times.
  • Do your due diligence before buying a lot or real estate and check everything that is important for you before buying with an independent source.
Actually these tips should always be taken in consideration when buying land, especially abroad. Keep always in mind that not everything is what it seems to be. In the last years some planned retirement communities didn't start developing at all. These tips should also be taken in consideration for all retirement communities which are stated underneath.

Retirement communities in the Corozal District

Cerros Sands

Cerros Sands is a planned gated retirement community at the beach La Playa de Cerros in the Corozal District of Belize. This expat community is still in the process of development, but it is widely renowned as one of the prospect retirement community in Belize not only due its affordability, but also due to the location in a region with a lot of expats, at a beautiful coastal beach and near inland tourist spots. 

Chactemal Estates

This community is located in northern Belize in the neighborhood of Corozal Town and just five miles south of the Mexican border. Also the Corozal Bay is at a driving distance of 3 minutes. Chactemal Estates consists of in total 10 commercial lots and 156 residential lots. The lots are offered for BZD 6 per square foot.  

Consejo Shores

Consejo Shores is an international community in the Corozal District of Belize established by the Canadian Bill Wildman in 1969. It is a planned private retirement community located at the waterfront of Corozal Bay. This real estate property comprises of best waterfront properties, residential lots, commercial estate and a golf course in a tropical Carribean setting with a unique and friendly neighborhood. Consejo Shores has 350 available residential lots in total. 

Maya Sands

Maya Sands does look like a planned retirement community in the Corozal District, which has not been developed and probably won't be developed. 

Orchid Bay Belize

Orchid Bay Belize is a waterfront community that is located in the northern tip of Belize in the Corozal District on the Bay of Chetumal. It is literally next door to Corozal Bay. Bordering on the Caribbean sea for 4,500 feet, the orchid bay community allows for all water-related activities. 

Progresso Heights

Located in Progresso in the neighbourhood of the town of Corozal is the retirement community Progresso Heights. A lot of foreigners are living in this area. This expat community is a gated community which is managed by a real estate investor and offers the possibility to own real estate next to the Cocos Lagoon (also Progresso Lagoon). The community has a total of about 370 plots at the moment. 

Progresso Shores

Progresso Shores is, as the name indicates, located at the shores of the Progresso Lagoon in the Corozal District of Belize, two miles south of the village of Progresso. This retirement community consists of home sites of 1 to 3 acres next to the lagoon or the lake. 

Retirement communities in the Orange Walk District

As of yet we have not discovered a retirement community in Orange Walk District. 

Retirement communities in the Belize District

Ambergris Caye

Ambergris Caye is the largest island of Belize located northeast of the country in the Caribbean Sea. Though administered as part of the Belize District, the closest point on the mainland is part of the Corozal District. It is a popular vacation location with a lot of different accommodations as hotels, resorts and so on and also a popular location to live for retirees and expats. Retirees and expats live in retirement communities, such as Sapphire Beach Resort, Captain Morgan's Retreat, Belizean Shores Beach Resort or Emerald Shores, which are located at the island, but also in between the local population, for example in the Escalante Subdivision. 

Belizean Shores Beach Resort

The Belizean Shores Beach Resort is located on the beautiful island Ambergris Caye, 3.5 miles north of San Pedro Town. Here you have the possibility to enjoy the white sandy beach, (the fantistic views of) the sea and the nearby barrier reef, but also the shops and restaurants of San Pedro are a short boat ride of 10 minutes away. Options are available to invest in this beach resort and own your own vacation home. 

Captain Morgan’s Retreat

This beach resort is famous for being the filming location of the first season of the reality TV show Temptation Island, which gives a good indication of the atmosphere of Captain Morgan's Retreat. Beside of that Captain Morgan's Retreat is also selected as one of the recommended hotel resorts in Ambergris Caye by the Lonely Planet. The beach resort is located 3 miles north of San Pedro and accessible by the Coastal Express island ferry. Captain Morgan's Retreat is also offering the possibility to own one of the cabanas, villas or condos to have a vacation home away from home. 

Caye Caulker

Caye Caulker is one of the bigger cayes (islands) of Belize and situated right north of the largest caye of Belize, Ambergris Caye. On the east side of Caye Caulker at a distance of 1 mile the Belize Barrier Reef is situated. Caye Caulker is approximately 5 miles long and between 0.15 and 1.2 miles width. Caye Caulker has a total of 1,300 residents of Mestizos, Garifunas and Creole people in combination with tourists and some retirees and expats who are living here. Caye Caulker is less expensive to live in comparison to Ambergris Caye. 

Emerald Shores

Emerald Shores is a planned real estate development in Ambergris Caye. The project is planned in four phases, such as Bonefish Bay, Lighthouse Resort, Emerald Square and Satori. 

Escalante Subdivision

Escalante Subdivision is a organized community located at the beautiful island of Ambergis Caye, it is surrounded with sandy white beaches and close to San Pedro Town. In this community are living residents of Central American origin, but also retirees and expats. 

Sapphire Beach Resort

Located in the coastal resort town of Ambergis Caye, the Sapphire Beach Resort is designed to accommodate vacationers and retirees in the Belizean style of hospitality. The beach resort, with El Zafiro Restaurant & Bar, is surrounded by white sand beaches and marine biodiversity rich coastal waters of Ambergis Caye. The Sapphire Beach Resort is selling and renting out vacation homes, which are also available for full time living. The homes all have sea view and some of the homes are sea front. 

Las Terrazas Resort & Residences

Las Terrazas Resort & Residences is located on the beautiful island of Ambergris Caye, 3.5 miles north of San Pedro on 4.8 acres. With the Barrier Reef at a distance of 0.25 miles, the view from the resort is magnificent. The resort is offering the option to buy one of the accommodations, either for fulltime living or as a vacation home. For a vacation home it is a possibility to rent the home out through the resort. 

Waterside Belize

Waterside Belize is a planned and gated community located in Flowers Bank in Belize. It is surrounded with beautiful inland forest and rivers where homes are ideally built in a high eco-friendly community. Approximately 50% of the community will be sold as parcels. The other 50% will be used as preserves, green areas, open spaces and reserves. 

Retirement communities in the Cayo District

Better in Belize

Better In Belize is a beautiful community located in inland forested area in the Cayo District of Belize. The community is located on the shores of the Macal river of Belize. This community is very native in motif, very environmental friendly and all houses are eco-friendly.  

Camino del Rio

Camino Del Rio is a gated community situated just 10 miles east of the capital of Belize, Belmopan. The retirement community is situated at the Caves Branch River. In the development of this expat community renewable resources are incorporated and there will be a possibility of onsite organic farming. 

Carmelita Gardens

Carmelita Gardens is a new development and will be a combination of residential lots, commercial lots, a river club and lots of space for gardens. The retirement community is centrally located in the Cayo District on the Belize river, with the twin towns San Ignacio and Santa Elena and the Spanish Lookout community in the neighborhood. 

Riverwalk Residential Estate

Riverwalk consists of in total 400 acres of jungle including (waterfront) walking paths and a creek, which ends in the Belize river. In this 400 acres it is possible to select your own site for your home personalized on basis of your desires. 

Villa Vista Belize

Villa Vista Belize was a planned community in St. Margarets Village in Belize. The developer promised beautiful real estate properties that truly suit and fits every retirees needs for retirement communities in the picturesque country of Belize

Retirement communities in the Stann Creek District

Cocoplum Resort

Cocoplum Resort is a well organized retirement community situated in one of the premier tourist destination in Belize. The site has a good view of the Placencia Lagoon and the community consists of beachfront, sea view, lagoon and interior lagoon lots. The master-plan for this community is environmental friendly. 

Dreamscapes of Belize

Dreamscapes of Belize was a real estate development in Belize, which was started in 2007. Now, in 2015, nothing could be found about the real estate development and according to the information found on the internet no development has taken place. In 2012 the last information on the internet was added by Dreamscapes of Belize. 

Hopkins Bay Resort

The Hopkins Bay Resort is a beach resort at the beach of Hopkins Bay, one mile south of Hopkins, next to the Caribbean Sea. It is a vacation beach resort in which the vacation homes could be rented during your vacation, but are also available for sale. Part of the resort will be a more private retirement community, Sittee Point. 

The Hummingbird Estates Belize

The Hummingbird Estates Belize as a gated retirement community has a good location which is at the foot of the Mayan Mountains on an elevation in the Stann Creek Valley near to the Caribbean sea (3 miles), near to the regional airport of Dangriga, near to the regional hospital in Dangriga and near to Dangriga. Also larger places as Belmopan, Belize City and Placencia could all be reached in one or two hours driving. 

Marina at Robert’s Grove Beach Resort

Robert's Grove Beach Resort is located oceanfront on the beach of Placencia in the neighborhood of Placencia Beach and Maya Beach. Robert's Grove is looking as a Hacienda-style Inn, at 22 acres of the white sand beaches of Placencia in Belize. A new development is a marina at the Placencia Lagoon across the street from the beach resort. In the marina it is possible to buy a lot to built your own home. 

Sanctuary Belize

Located in one of the most beautiful tourist spot in Belize, Sanctuary Belize is located along the coastal waters of white sand beach and has beautiful polynesian style homes that truly offers an exotic life in Belize. Sanctuary Belize is a 14,000 acres eco-develors of the retirement community and their guests. 

The Villas at Cocoplum

The Villas at Cocoplum is one of the most luxurious retirement communities in Belize that comprises of beautiful real estate properties that truly suits every retirees desire to settle in the beautiful tropical Carribean country of Belize. The project consists of 6 planned villas of three floors, which consist of 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom and 4-bedroom units. Yet four of the six planned villas have been build. This luxurious retirement community is located in the coastal town of Placencia in Belize. 

Retirement communities in the Toledo District

Jabiru Bamboo

Jabiru Bamboo is an idea for a ecofriendly retirement community in combination with a eco-teak farm or an eco-plantation. The location of the community will be in the neighborhood of Punta Gorda in the Stann Creek district of Belize. At the moment the designer is in the process of buying the land from the previous owner and making it possible to plan a retirement community on it. The location for Jabiru Bamboo is expected to be available in 2015.