Belize Rainforests in the Tropical Paradise of Belize

More than half of Belize is protected rainforest and home to a vast array of tropical plants and animals. There are more than 4,000 varieties of flowers out of which more than 200 are orchids! Animals like tapir, ocelot, jaguar and puma occupy the forests while the lagoons and the rivers are a stronghold of the American crocodiles. Birds like herons, hummingbirds, parakeets, egrets, macaws and the toucan, the national bird of Belize, are in abundant supply.

The Mystique of Toledo

Located in the southern tip of Belize, the Toledo district is a land of majestic mountains, impressive pine forests, spectacular caves and overflowing rivers. It offers a unique adventure to the strong-willed as it encompasses dense, virgin forest and very rough terrain. It is quite underdeveloped and very thinly populated. The Kekchi and the Mopan Mayas are the main inhabitants of this region with a rich cultural heritage.

The lowlands in the coastal region are fed by the many rivers that flow from the higher regions. They are surrounded by lofty forests, while the mangroves border the lagoons. The eastern coast of Belize is lined by the Caribbean Sea and is abundant in wildlife. 
Toledo boasts of a large number of tourist attractions like stunning waterfalls and caves. There are five wildlife reserves abounding in thousands of species of exotic plants. Some of the adventure activities offered are kayaking, diving and snorkeling and the Sapodilla Cayes are known for these sports. 

The Western Rainforest in Belize

An amazing reserve of rivers, sanctuaries, caves and Mayan ruins, the Western Rainforest offers a wide range of activities. One must visit the Rio Frio Caves, Rio on Pools and Hidden Valley Falls. The Panti Medicine Trail is an excellent hiking route and is situated on the Macal River banks. The ruins of the ancient Mayan city, Caracol are an intriguing sight as other Mayan ruins like Tikal (in Guatemala at the border with Belize) and Xunantunich.