Insight into the Belize Prostitution and Sex in Belize

Prostitution in Belize is legal; however certain activities such as sexual solicitation or running a brothel are illegal. This means that belize sex escorts are largely underground and belize sex vacations are not mentioned too openly.

However, even though sexual sollicitation or running a brothel are illegal, the enforcement of this law is weak as many brothels are been operated openly. If the law is prohibited then a fine of $500 else a year in imprisonment is enforced. Nevertheless, many prominent brothels are operated smoothly and there is an increase in the sex tourism to Belize. 
Increased sex vacations in Belize has also lead to a surge in the rate of people suffering from HIV/AIDS. Among this percentage, there are mostly adults and minors that have had sex in Belize. Child prostitution in  
No comprehensive data for child prostitution is available but trafficking of children to get them into the world of prostitution and pornography is unfortunately common.

Even many reports of IHRLI as well as NCFC have shown that minors are indulged in prostitution with usually older men. Most of the minors are girls who are 13 years or so and they belong to economically disadvantaged families. These girls offer sexual favors to relatively older people just for some jewelry, books, clothing or school fees. Only there are a few cases in which actions are taken by the government against unlawful carnal knowledge. Even in these cases, the efforts have gone in vein as the child’s family backs up or married their girl for some amount of money. Child prostitution is seriously emerging as a trend in the country. 
Forced prostitution is a common sight in the country. Many girls are brought in from Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Mexico to indulge involuntarily in the act of prostitution and some just fall prey to forced prostitution taking place in bars. There are many people who even migrate to the country in a lookout for work but they get into the web of prostitution. The government of Belize takes considerable efforts and initiatives to make people aware about the scenario of prostitution in the country, but somehow fails to stop the ever increasing rates. Bars of San Pedro, a beautiful town in Belize is renowned for prostitution. Sex is the driving force of the bars here. 
Belize prostitution has been around for a long time now and it is there to stay. Consensual sex between two consenting adults is, of course, allowed. So yes, you can have sex with your maid in Belize, but only if she wants this as well.