Guide to the Population of Belize

The best part about Belize population is that they are peace loving people and have been living here with great harmony as well. Hence, it just strengthens the bond of people who live at one place even as they hail from different places. People from different backgrounds get together easily then it is indeed a good sign for the integrity of the country too.

Belize People, Love and Affection

Hence Belize population is the reflection of extreme love and affection which is there amongst all the communities thereby it has certainly carved a niche for it self as well. Hence, whopping number of people contributed to Belize population as the time gone by. The Belizean people comprise of a melting pot of cultures with racial groups like the Mestizo, Creole, Maya and Garifuna and the East Indians. Also there are some Arabics, Mennonites and Chinese people. 

Belize Population demographics

Unlike developing countries and societies, Belize population is not divided equally with regards to gender and age of the people. There was a huge difference in ratio of males and their female counterparts if the last decade is taken in account. The strength of males was more than females in 1980’s. The cause for the difference in the ratio is attributed towards the fact that patterns of migrants are seeing a drastic change.

History of the people of Belize

If you take the decades of 1940’s and 1950’s then males were the predominant figures who had migrated, however in recent cases, it is their women folks whose number has gone up considerably. Belize population comprises mainly of youths as in the data of 1996, whopping 46% of youths has their presence. They were either 14 years or even less than that age. 
As in any country, if youths have a big presence then it augers well for the development of the country. Similarly 58% of people were roughly aged 20 years as well. 

Population in the different districts of Belize

Belize District is the most dense populated region of Belize. Belize District has the former capital Belize City, which is the biggest city (and probably the only real city) in Belize. This is one of the reasons that the Belize District has a high population density. The least populated region is the Toledo District, which has a lot of rainforest, but clearly not a lot of villages with residents.