Rejuvenate your spirits in the pleasures of Belize Mountains

Maya Temple and Mountains

Situated at the footsteps of Yucatan Peninsula in the region of Central America in between the peripheries of Mexico and Guatemala, Belize is a fascinating country with Caribbean Sea flowing to its east with a several glorious peaks of Belize Mountains caressing the skyline.

Its new capital, Belmopan is placed at the centre of the country engraved in the tropical jungles at the foothills of famous Mayan mountain ranges. With a population of just 7,000, the development is still at its juvenile stage and hence offers you the pristine hues and dynamism of nature’s splendor. 
Should you wish to try out something indeed thrilling and adventurous this vacation, Belize Mountains is the most exciting choice of all. Check out some of the glorious peaks of Mountains of Belize here to get thorough information on them. 

The majestic ranges of Maya Mountains

One of the most alluring attractions of Belize is the mountainous range of Maya which further extends up to eastern Guatemala. Doyle’s Delight scaling the height of 1124 meters is the highest peak while the Victoria Peak is the second highest mountains in Belize belonging to Maya mountain range with a height of 1120 meters.

Mayan ruins at the foothills of the Mountains of Belize

If you have a fascination for mystery and marvel, then you certainly will be awestruck with the rustic Mayan ruins based at the foothills of the Mountains of Belize. A tour across with an anxious local guide will surely enlighten you about the dig outs of the archaeological surveys. There are several sites here like the Lubaantun, Nim Li Punit, Chaa Creek and Cahal Pech. The ruins are well preserved and give you the glimpses of bygone civilization and culture. 

Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary

One of the most famous nature reserves nestled in the laps of Belize Mountains: the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary displays all the glory of tropical flora and fauna. Encompassing an area of around 150 square miles, it is one of the only Jaguar wildlife preserve in the world. This wonderful well preserved sanctuary at the foot hills of Mountains in Belize also has some hidden evidences of Mayan ruins. Chucil Baluum placed inside the tropical forest is a typical ceremonial site of the Mayan culture. You can always try a nature walk or if something more exciting is in your mind choose hiking to climb the Mountains in Belize.