Belize Kids

A fairly large proportion of the Belize population is younger than 15 years of age. In fact, over one third of the country of Belize is a kid!

Belize kids lead a different kind of life as compared to most American or Western kids. From an American or European perspective, you could say that there is a wide scope for improvement. On the one side, with technology still to “invade”, this is a tranquil place where Belize kids spend most of their time swimming in the sea or in a stream or kicking a ball around. Kids in Belize are warm and friendly and can put a newcomer to ease instantly. 
Childcare is quite expensive by local standards in Belize. Again, compared to American standards, childcare is cheap. A vast majority of the official day care centers for kids are situated in Belize City. Though subsidized by the government, most of these centers are beyond the reach of the poor families. Because of the low GDP, kids in Belize are mostly left in the care of relatives or, if that is not possible, left alone at home when their parents go to work. Sadly, in some homes, you can find the older children leaving schools to take up jobs for supporting the family or to take care of their younger siblings. The more affluent citizens can hire domestic workers or nannies to clean, cook and take care of the kids during the day. Most nannies prefer a day shift and get paid up to BZD 3.00 (USD 1.50) an hour. Skilled nannies will demand much more than this basic pay.

Kids in Belize who grow in the rural areas are also prone to issues such as malnutrition and poverty, even though this situation is improving slowly. 
In Belize, corporal punishment is still quite common. Some parents still use instruments such as belts and broomsticks to discipline kids. Although corporal punishment is banned in day care centers, children in Belize can still receive this sort of punishment from other people such as police officers, teachers or even strangers. 
Kids in Belize do not have access to movie theatres or video games like kids in countries like the United States. Whether this is a bad thing is a matter of opinion. In Belize, kids have to remain happy playing outside with friends or family members. Kids in Belize love to play outdoor sports such as soccer, water sports, basketball and others.