Belize jewelry & Belize art jewelry

Belize art jewelry simply provides a sneak peek into the vivacious culture of the place in true sense of the word. Available in a continuum of colors, they are sure to steal your heart. Extremely affordable they are sold all along the sidewalks where you will find eager holiday makers picking up their colorful favorites.

Made from exciting materials like wood carvings or sea shells, they are exceptional and vibrant in their own special ways. If you are looking for some expensive varieties, you have them waiting for you in the dazzling shopping arcades and malls. Done in an array of precious and semi precious gem stones they will perfectly paint your wildest imagination. 

Varieties of Belize jewelries

Bracelets, anklets and necklaces are the main forms of Belize jewelry. However, wood carvings and sea shells jewelries are exceptionally beautiful. Some of the Belize jewelry is crafted from stones like ruby, jade, emerald and sapphire which have their own sophistication and classiness. This jewelry help to enhance the beauty and style of the owner.

Places where you can find excellent Belize jewelry

At the Emerald Mine of San Pedro town, some of the classical and beautiful work of jewelry in Belize could be seen. However Belizean Arts at Fido’s in the same town displays a wide range of art worked jewelries of Belize. Thousands of flock of visitors comes to this island each for shopping the finest jewelries from the stores as well as from the streets. In the present day and age every individual has become connoisseur for selecting the finest artifact especially jewelries. Shopping from Mambo Chill and Moon Dancer for Belize jewelries could be a great experience.