Belize International Airport

Deck at Belize International Airport

While you think of a Belize vacation, it is good to get a basic idea of the well known Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport, which is the international airport of Belize. Since Belize is a major tourist destination in Central America, most of the major flight companies are providing their services to this tiny country.

This Belize City airport provides the services of both the domestic and international flights. In fact, it is very easy to reach Belize from North American or Central American countries. Flights arrive to Belize International airport from several countries make your vacation much easier.

This Belize Airport, the Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport is situated nearly 10 miles away from Belize City. The airport which operates several flights from U.S, Caribbean and Central American countries provides several facilities to the visitors including Bank, duty- free shops and a restaurant/bar. Being the main gateway to one of the hot holiday destinations in the world, the well known Belize International airport provides almost all the facilities to the visitors for a comfortable Belize vacation. Passengers can reach Belize International airport locally by local airlines, buses, taxi cabs or water taxis
Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport has a runway of 7,100 feet and parking apron of 615,800 sq. ft. This International airport of Belize was constructed in 1943 and a terminal building was made in 1944. The Crash Fire and Rescue Department of the airport has full amenities. In accordance with ICAO Annex 14, Belize International airport is nominated as a Category 8. In 2004, the airport management and operation was privatized and since then Belize Airport Concession Company managing and doing operations of the airport. 
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