Belize Immigration

Belize Immigration

There are four options to spend some time in Belize. Depending on your wishes and needs there are different options, including a Belize Tourist Card for a shorter stay, a Belize Work Permit to be able to work in Belize, the Belize Qualified Retired Persons Program for retirees and official Belize Permanent Residency to be able to stay for a longer time. For some nationalities a visum is obligatory before entering Belize.

Belize Tourist Card

This is the easiest way to spend time in Belize. You can get a one month entry card at the border of Belize. The first Belize Tourist Card installment is free and valid for thirty days. After 30 days, your Belize Tourist Card can be renewed with a Belize immigration officer against a low fee. Keep in mind that with leaving Belize you have to pay an exit fee

Visa for Belize

Citizens of certain countries need to get a visa if they want to visit Belize. A visa is the entrance permit to the country issued by the consular body of Belize.

Belize Work Permit

To be able to work in Belize, which is not permitted with a Belize Tourist Card or under the Qualified Retired Persons Program, a Belize Work Permit is needed. 

Qualified Retired Persons (QRP) Program

The QRP program is aimed at attracting retirees to consider retiring in Belize. In order to qualify for the Qualified Retired Persons program, you (or your partner) must be at least 45 years of age and you must be able to prove a minimum amount of income. 

Official Belize Permanent Resident

You must live in Belize continuously for one year before you may apply for an official Belize Permanent Resident status. The fee due for your Official Belize Permanent Resident status vary according to your nationality.