Belize Humidity

Good planning is required on the part of the visitors before embarking on their Belizean travel. They have to know what to expect as far as the climatic conditions are concerned in Belize. Belize experiences a sub-tropical climate for the biggest part of the year.

Belize humidity is less in the northern parts of the country and is not oppressive for long hours. Belize experiences a mean annual humidity of 83%. The high Belize humidity days also goes relatively unnoticed because of the prevailing trade winds. Average Belize humidity in the north is mostly lower than the national average. 
Belize experiences a subtropical climate with prevailing winds from the Caribbean Sea. Belize humidity and high annual temperatures are virtual turn offs for many potential visitors to Belize. The rainy season in Belize extends from mid-May to November while the dry season is between January and April. May is the hottest month of the year and January is the coldest month in Belize. The windy season is from June to the end of November.

As far as the Belizean temperatures are concerned, it ranges from 50°F in the mountains to 95°F in the western districts. The temperature between November and January is around 75°F while it is around 81°F between May to September. 
Belize humidity is relatively consistent and remains at 85 percent. This can be a drawback for tourists who wish to explore the interior sites and rain forests in Belize where the temperature tends to shoot up. Travelers can protect themselves by drinking enough water and avoiding outside travel during the noon. 
In Belize the four major seasons such as winter, autumn, summer and spring are less distinct. Here, temperatures do not fluctuate widely like in other parts of the world. The significant differences will be in the humidity and the amount of rainfall. The northern lowlands in Belize are warmer than the south. Travelers can wear linens and lightweight cottons while travelling to Belize during the hot months. They can wear jackets and sweaters during the rainy season. Pants and long sleeved shirts will offer protection from the mosquitoes which may pose a problem in Belize.