Belize Hotels

There are a lot of hotels in Belize and best is to decide on the basis of your needs and expectations in combination with the location which hotel is best for you. Hotels are available in the cities of Belize, but some hotels are also situated in more rural communities, in the middle of the rainforest or even on one of Belizean many islands. We have listed some of the hotels in Belize.

Belize District

Villa Boscardi is a Bed & Breakfast in a, also by guest reported safe, residential area of Belize City a block away from the Caribbean Sea. This hotel is one of the recommended places to stay of the Lonely Planet in Belize City and also the reviews of former guests on the internet are good to excellent. 

Stann Creek District

IZE Belize at South Water Caye, or the International Zoological Expeditions Belize, is welcoming students, vacationers or adventurers. Vacationers and adventurers are more than welcome to sit in one of the ongoing classrooms or browse in the research library to enrich their knowledge of the Belize Barrier Reef

Toledo District

The hotel with the name Cuxlin Ha Resort (Cuxlin Ha means living water in Mayan) is actually not a beach resort, but in the descriptions on the internet more a down-to-earth hotel in the jungle of the Toledo District of Belize. This is probably also the reason that on the internet there are very different reviews from terrible to excellent. The resort is located a 10 miles of Punta Gorda and the most facilities are also situated in Punta Gorda.