The Impact of Belize Gangs

Belize Gangs are the deadliest facet of Belize, a darker side to an attractive beauty.

The not so charming facet of Belize are the Belize gangs. Belize is also home to the most notorious gangs of Central America, which are formed on pretext of developing the weaker section of the society. Unlike what these gangs say, they are often caught doing the exact opposite. The most feared of all has been the 1960’s UBAD, United Black Association for Development, concealed by Evan X Hyde. This was one of the gangs of Belize that was always engaged in activities, which saw bloodshed and extreme violence. 
The nation over the past years had “Unlawful Assembly” as a declared crime, annoying those who always had the intention of forming groups planning action against the Belizean Government. The Belize government being a monarchy, feared of their reprisal hence, it all continued to haunt the Belizean people. Shedding under the same virtue, many more gangs have come up just for the fun of being the most feared. Unlike UBAD, these small Belize gangs are involved in criminal activities or mischief as robbing, betting, threatening, killing and raping.

Most of the gangs are situated in a part of Belize City. It is not advisable to be in that part of Belize City during the evening and night alone on the streets. In the most other parts of Belize the gangs do not have any impact. 
Amongst all this menace the government has come up with a Belizean Special Force, which barely received a year of police and military training altogether. This force would often raid the UBAD’s headquarters and would arrest people even those who were found walking down the street. The force’s repeated arrest attack’s and indicting charges resulted in the UBAD making its way into politics, for bringing that change. All the years that have gone by has never seen any extinction of these gangs. The others are still in force today though not that widely as it used to be because of the interference of American force. The law in Belize must be stronger and the Belizean people must stand up for themselves.