Escorted Tours

Belize escorted tours are available and facilitate the tourists to take pleasure of this country full of various interests and entertainments. The tours will make one get to experience the adventure, culture, history and the scenic beauty of the place within the escorted tours. Maya mountain which is situated at the west part of Belize is generally included in the tours and apart from this the tourists can get to know and explore the rainforest as well as the region near the Macal River. There are various sports and adventure activities that have been incorporated in most of the Belize escorted tours packages. One of the best parts is the canoeing through the incredible Barton Creek.

Mayan ruins of Caracol are indeed another attraction for the tourists visiting Belize. Cheap Belize escorted tours are very advantageous for the people who want to enjoy the most significant tourist spots of Belize. Within a limited or low budget one will be able to know enough of Belize. There are many luxuries Belize escorted tours available for all the tourists who want to get pleasure from the tours and as well want to taste the luxury of this place with all the amenities made for the tourists. An exotic tour of Belize will be possible within such escorted packages. Swimming, hiking or horseback riding are the best part of the Belize tours. Mountain Pine Ridge Nature Reserve can be enjoyed on a horseback and it is undoubtedly one of the most exciting activities for the tourists in Belize. 

Belize escorted tours have much more for the tourists to make the vacation a memorable one. Western Belize has its own beauties and the southern coast is the part of the thrill too. Caving is one of the most important aspects of Belize. Being the most famous for its cave, the tourists can enjoy the Caves Branch River. Moreover there is the wildlife visits that are interesting too as one can explore various species and can even view some of the wild species, especially birds that are exclusive and are only found in the forests of Belize. Belize escorted tours packages include the visits of Cockscomb Jaguar Preserve
Snorkeling and diving are the two most important aspects of cheap Belize escorted tours as well as the luxury Belize escorted tours. The coral reefs can be experienced with the escorted underwater diving activity that forms one of the exquisite parts of the tour.