A closer look at Belize Environmental issues

One of the biggest issues in Belize is the degrading environment. There are several reasons and the reason behind most of them is the human being itself.

Deforestation in Belize

One of the most concerned environmental issues Belize is the high deforestation rates in the country. If compared to the rest of Central America Belize is the place with the largest deforestation rates to change them into farms. The countries unaided policies are somehow incapable of controlling the cutting of the jungles

Belize waste management

Another issue which is effecting the environment is the waste management. Belize produces more than 200,000 tons household and commercial waste per year so it is really hard for the government to manage this huge amount of waste which results in the pollution of liquid bodies. There are no proper arrangements for all to dispose the waste. 
The industrial waste ends the soil fertility and makes it of no use resulting in more deforestation and environmental issues. The tourist mostly visits the country in the span of two hours by cruise and the waste by cruise has no proper ways to be disposed. This results in the same old problem of water pollution which causes a huge damage to the aquatic environment in the country. 

Poverty in Belize

One of the new arising environmental issues is related to the poverty rates. The increasing poverty makes people more and more dependent on the forest and these people harm the forest unintentionally. There are several other environmental issues like the high rates of coastal developments and oil discoveries which make the money minded people exploit the environment for their own profit. The residential and commercial development in coastal areas of Belize is an escalating threat to the coastal environment. 

Awareness in Belize for environmental issues

Belize is not educating people not to destroy their environment just for the sake of survival. The people should be made more aware and the system for managing waste should be improved. Thus, environmental issues in Belize can be suppressed.