Belize District in Belize

Belize District in the middle of the country has a fascinating past. Pirates were the first European settlers. Also, the district is festooned with inland lagoons, flowing rivers, and alike. Belize district’s natural beauty is primarily due to its geographical features. In the district the Belize port as well as the Belize International Airport in Ladyville, are located.

Belize City, the former capital of Belize, is also situated in the Belize District. The international airport of Belize in Ladyville is only 17 kilometer from the Belize City. The bustling streets, the meandering shopping arcades and plenty to explore makes Belize City all the more special. 
With the airport in the neighborhood Belize district naturally sees a lot of international holiday makers. Exotic landscapes with sapphire lagoons along with the bustling cities make an irresistible combination that helps the holiday makers to get close up with the place and absorb the true spirit. With ample activities for the holiday makers to make the best of Belize, you can indulge in snorkeling and diving near the breath taking caves of Goff and St George. 
Also part of the Belize District is a large part of the Cayes and especially the two biggest Cayes, Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker. A lot of vacationers directly go to these Cayes for their vacation.