Belize Departure Tax

In Belize, departure tax is levied when you exit the country. The hight of the Belize departure tax depends on the method you choose to leave the country. Please note, that the departure tax is not included in your visa for Belize, which you must pay when entering Belize. You are both charged when you enter the country and when you exit the country. For a lot of nationalities an entry visa is not needed, so they only pay once when exiting the country.

Departure Tax can be paid only in US Dollars (US$), Belizean Dollars (BZ$) are not accepted. 
When departing from the International Airport, an exit fee of US$ 35 per person is charged. This includes a passenger service fee of US$ 15, an airport development fee of US$ 15, a conservation fee of US$3.75 and a security fee of US$ 1.25. These departure costs can be included in the cost of your ticket. 
When crossing the border over land, a Belize departure tax of BZ$ 20 / US$ 10 per person is charged. 
In both cases, children up to the age of 11 (under 12) can leave Belize without paying the tax. 
The departure tax must be paid in cash. Credit cards are unfortunately not accepted as a means of paying for your tax. Bear this in mind when arriving at the airport or border to avoid unpleasant surprises.