Belize City, the largest city of Belize

Belize City is the former capital of Belize (until 1970), and it is still the largest city in the country. According to unofficial estimates, over 79,600 people live here.

Belize City is situated at the east of Belize bordering the Caribbean Sea and Belize City is a part of the Belize District
The city has had more than it’s fair share of natural disasters. Belize City has suffered two direct hits from a hurricane (1931 and 1961) and sustained damage from nearby hurricanes (2010). Belize City is susceptible to flooding in the rainy season, and numerous fires have been fought in the City’s history.

Belize City has a large financial sector, and tourists arrive by cruise boats in it’s harbor. Belize City is home to branches of all major banks of Belize as well as the Central Bank. Belize City is the hub for both national and international air, sea and road travel. 
One of the hotels located in Belize City is Villa Boscardi.