Belize Cars

When visiting Belize, cars can be very useful for getting around, even though they are relatively expensive and public transport is excellent and cheap.

Car rental in Belize is expensive compared to other countries, but to get to some places without a guided tour probably necessary. While not all roads are paved and some of the main attractions of Belize are not easy to reach, it is probably best to use a four wheel drive. 
Most car rentals have a location at the international airport of Belize or in the neighborhoud of this airport. The cost of a car rental is approximately 900 Belizean Dollar per week, most of the time including unlimited kilometers/ miles.

Car parts for saleOther options in stead of renting a car are using public transportation, hitchhiking or buying a car. Especially buying a car for a longer vacation or stay in Belize and afterwards selling it can be a cheaper solution in stead of renting a car. 
Buying a Belize car is easy to do. Everywhere are cars parked to sell. Most of these cars are imported as used car from the United States of America.Most of the time it is possible to register the car the same day at your name. Also obligatory in Belize for a car next to the registration is the insurance. When a car is registered and insured you are free to go and to enjoy your new car!