Belize Beaches, the Beauty of the White Soft Coral Sand

Located in the south-east Yucatan Peninsula, Belize boasts of some of the most breath taking beaches of the world. With a coastline of 38 kilometers, the coast waters of the place are protected by the coral reefs barrier. With an extremely safe swimming environment, the beaches in Belize are perfect haven for a complete retreat offering inner solace.

A majority of visitors is heading toward an offshore island, while the best beaches of Belize are spread all over the country, however not all are suitable for sunbathing. Another thing that must be kept in mind is that Belize’s coastlines experience a natural growth of Mangrove Forests. These are very important to the eco system, though they tend to make swimming and sunbathing quite difficult. 
It is agreed by all that some of the best beaches of Belize are located along the Placencia Peninsula. With warm water and cleared sections, you will have chances of sunbathing and playing frisbee as well. Not post card worth, they are mostly cleared and maintained by the sea front resorts. The Belizean beaches on Ambergris Caye offer some of the best clear turquoise waters. The most popular choices remain those of Dangriga, Punta Gorda and Placencia.

With infinite number of beaches, especially those on Caye Caulker - the palm tree studded beaches offer a laid back life that attracts the tourists all the more. They represent the quintessential picture-perfect Caribbean beaches that have the legendary appeal. Belize beaches on the Orchid Bay are synonymous with tranquility and beauty. These are on the northern part of the country sheltered by Chetumal Bay and thus are somewhat man-made. 
The Outside Magazine has awarded the South Water Caye in 2014 for having the best beaches in Belize. The beach at the southern end of the island is one of the most beautiful beaches of Belize, where sometimes turtles nest in the white sand. 
However, the most popular and the best choices of Belize beaches remain those of Placencia in the mainland. The beaches are long and white and have very gentle slopes that perfectly capture the beauty of the tropical beaches.