Belize Art

Variable and exciting is what art is all about in Belize. Rich and vibrant while reflecting the exceptional talents. Belizean art flawlessly captures the spirit of the country. You will find lovely sketches, paintings and more when you explore their art galleries. There are quite a few art galleries in the country that houses some of the best specimens of Belizean art. Belize art showcases plenty of interesting forms which the avid art lovers find fascinating.

If you truly want to explore the various forms of Belizean art, then the best places to start are the Museum of Belize, the House of Culture, the Fine Arts Gallery, the Image Factory Gallery, Art Gallery of Caribbean Colors and Rachael’s Art Gallery.  
In the Fine Arts Gallery, you will find paintings in both oil and in water colors and color prints. Additionally you will also find unique objects of Belize art and culture reflecting the simplicity of the ancient Mayan civilization. Besides you will also find in the painting the trace of Garifuna traditions where the colors are intense and effervescent.

The Art Gallery of Caribbean Colors in Caye Caulker is yet another exciting art gallery that you can visit. The paintings here display a rich interplay of colors, striking and luscious. The works of Lee Vanderwalker with the pulsating Caribbean theme celebrates life to the fullest. You will also come across popular works of other local artists that showcases the best of art in Belize. 
Also at Ambergris Caye they have a art gallery. The art gallery with art of Chris Emmanuel is at the property of the Sunbreeze Hotel
Another popular art museum that you can visit remains that of the Museum of Belize, the history and art museum, which is also a National Museum. It has a wide collection of ancient paintings and also Mayan Artifacts dating back to 3000 before Christ. Art in Belize perfectly captures the life and spirit of the place and makes the paintings a sight to behold.