Unique and Distinctive Wildlife of Belize

It is a known fact that Belize is a small country. But despite its area, it has a great wildlife culture and quite a range of habitats.

The country’s lowlands and eco-system is very fertile while it is a home for many waterfowl which are rare to find. The mountain areas in that region nurture many cat variety animals such as jaguar. Also, there are many tropical forests found in that area. These forests are a home to many tropical birds, pumas and tapirs. 
Apart from the exciting wildlife species, there are also many rare and exotic tree species which can even excite a casual visitor. Subsequent to the large number of species, it attracts numerous tourists.

As mentioned above, the main specialty of the Belize habitat is that, it has foreign plants and trees that cannot be found in the regular temperature zone. The trunks are straight and do not branch out unless it is grown to a certain level. The top layer of the forests constantly overlap each other in time by which the sunlight does not reflect to the trees that are present below, thereby creating a canopy. Below this canopy another set of Belize plant life is present as a layer. This is termed as stratification. The sections which are present in Belize are: 
  • Short trees
  • Canopy
  • Low Shrubs
  • Ground Cover
Wildlife in Belize compromises of coatis, frogs, baboons, salamanders, iguanas, armadillos, (howler) monkeys, toads, lizards, snakes, crocodile, anteaters, and so on. Since, there is an ocean present in the area it also boosts up the marine wildlife such as sponges, fish, corals, turtles, and so on. 
Approximately one hundred forty-five mammals are a part of Belize wildlife. And the other identified species include 139 amphibians and reptiles and more than 56 species of snakes. The count of the rare and exquisite species of birds is 500.