Banks in Belize

Belize is considered to be a true banking haven, one of the last places on earth. There are five domestic banks and several international banks in Belize.

Banking secrecy is still in place here, although there is increased pressure from the United States to provide transparency about the assets held in Belize banks. Liquidity of the banks is high, at 25% it is considerably more than western banks. But, then there are no deposit guarantee schemes in Belize, so if a Belize bank would go out of business, the bank would have to be bankrupted and it’s assets sold before any remaining funds can be returned to the account holders. 
Interest rates in Belize are also very high, expect to pay about 15% for a morgage loan – and don’t expect to be able to finance the entire real estate either. 
Banks in Belize are of two different types, domestic and international banks. Domestic banks are to service the residents of Belize with bank services. The international banks are meant to service non-residents of Belize with offshore bank accounts and bank services. The domestic banks offer as part of their service ATMs for residents and tourists. Domestic and international banks both offer options for online banking.

Belize has five Domestic Banks: Atlantic Bank, The Belize Bank Limited, First Caribbean International Bank, Heritage Bank Limited (formerly Alliance Bank) and Scotiabank. Information about the location of the branches and ATMs of these Belize domestic banks could be found in our article about Belize Domestic Bank Addresses
With respect to the ATMs please read our information about ATMs in Belize. Except of the location of an ATM it is good to know that not every international bank card is accepted at every ATM and to be aware of the costs of cash withdrawals at an ATM. 
Belize has seven International Banks which service non-residents of Belize with offshore bank accounts and other bank services. Information about these Belize International Banks, such as Atlantic Bank of Belize, Belize Bank International Limited, Caye International Bank Limited, Choice Bank Belize, Handels Bank and Trust Limited, Heritage Bank of Belize and Market Street Bank Limited could be found in our article about Belizean International Banks
The Domestic Banks of Belize as well the International Banks of Belize offer online banking facilities to their customers.