Altun Ha Mayan ruins, the inspiration for Belizean banknotes and Belikin beer labels

The Altun Ha Mayan ruins is a must visit place for people who like to explore and learn about the ancient Maya culture. The city with the population of over 8000 people was believed to be the important destination for Maya trading and agriculture.

Altun Ha, the inspiration for the Belikin beer labels

Most of the temples of Altun Ha date from around 550 AD to 650 AD. Some of the most prominent and important temples that you will definitely have to visit during your stay at Altun Ha are: 
  • Temple of the Green Tomb: This is the place where the tomb of the priest king was found and it dates around 600 AD. Though the humidity the clothes of the priest king have been destroyed as the pages of the book he was buried with, however you will still be able to see the jewels, pottery, beads and ceremonial flints intact.
  • Temple of the Masonry Altars: This is the most important temple for you to visit in the Altun Ha. The name is derived from alters, in these alters copal was burned and carved jade pieces were smashed as a ritual practice. This is also the Maya temple that is depicted on the Belikin beer labels.

Enjoying Altun Ha

The prized find from this Altun Ha historical site is the discovery of five kilograms of jade stone which has the carved image of the Maya sun god. And this jade stone happens to be the inspiration behind the Belizean banknotes; you can find the illustration on the top left corner of the Belizean banknotes. Other findings include the pottery, clothes, shell jewels and necklaces. 

Getting to Altun Ha in Belize

The Altun Ha historical site is easily accessible for the tourist either through the public transport or by self transport. And in case you are looking for any souvenirs to take home for your loved ones from this historical place of Altun Ha, you can easily find them near the ticket office. 
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