Actun Loch Tunich Belize Sinkhole, the Black Hole in Belize

A bird’s eye view of the black sink hole from above can be quite daunting; the very thought of going down that deep, dark abyss tied to a rope can send chills down your spine. Brave-hearted you must be to venture into the Actun Loch Tunich Belize sinkhole, as well as physically fit.

Your fitness is tested when you have to walk up heartily to the foot hills of the Maya mountains of the Blue Hole National Park of Belize, prior to your adventurous ‘drop down’. When you reach the mouth of the cave the yawning mouth is right in front of you. 
A good walk into the foot hills of Maya Mountain brings you to the Actun Loch Tunich, the mother of all caves and the point of the Belize black hole. Soon you come to the edge of the sink hole, which is more than 300 feet above the sink basin down below. The rain forests begins actually a 100 feet earlier.

Enjoying the Black Hole in Belize

The skilled and trained cave guides help to tie you up with the rappelling ropes. When you go down the black hole in Belize, you go alone and that is when your heart starts fluttering. The first ten feet is a rush of scenic blur before you get swallowed by the waiting dark hole. The last 100 feet are into the rain forest canopy. 
Even if you have rappelling experience, prepare yourself for something totally different. This is where you do not see where you are going down to in the haunting darkness of the Actun Loch Tunich sink hole in Belize. Uncheck yourself if you have a rigid fear of the unknown. 
In spite of knowing your landing ground, the start of the rappelling down the black hole of Belize can take your breath away. You peer down and you see nothing but total darkness because of the dense foliage. This should rush up your adrenaline and get you geared to meet the black hole in Belize.