Activities in Belize

Belize has to offer a lot of different activities to vacationers. Due to the location of Belize next to the Caribbean Sea a lot of water activities are possible, but most of the time water pleasure is combined with adventurous tours, tremendous wildlife and relaxation to give you to the possibility to fully enjoy Belize and your vacation!

You can as a tourist indulge yourself in water activities like white water rafting, fishing, sailing, deep water fishing, windsurfing, fishing, surfing, kite boarding, canoeing, paddle boarding and kayaking. With one of the greatest Barrier Reefs of the world, Belize is an excellent place for snorkeling and diving to see a lot of magnificent coral reefs. A lot of vacations to Belize does include at least one tour with snorkeling or diving. 

Next to the sea Belize has also a lot of activities inland which are more targeted at the adventure seeking and wildlife enjoying vacationer. These include activities such as hiking, mountain biking, a visit to the Belize Zoo, cave tubing, ziplining, trips to the jungle, golfing and bird watching while exploring the variety of landscapes with wild mountain forests and deep lowland jungles available in this area.  
During a lot of the available activities it is possible to enjoy the Caribbean sun and have some relaxation time. But Belize also has different beaches that are spectacular and one can just enjoy a lazy beach vacation in the extended beaches of Belize.